Caterina Gatta

The Pink Closet Lab 

She has an unbeatable taste when it comes to patterns.

I wanted the Pink Closet LAB to have strong basis. So I decided to partner with a recognized Institution, The Fashion Trust by Camera della Moda Milano, channeling and enhancing the efforts already made in supporting young designers.

Caterina Gatta is one of the young designers listed amongst the Fashion Trust supported talents. 

Caterina has an unbeatable taste when it comes to patterns. Her works are pure art in terms of clothing shapes and infinite combinations of colors. I was intrigued by her dual professional soul.

She loves creating her own patterns but she is also a collector of vintage textiles by the most important designers of theFashion Industry.

I fell in love with the textiles…

Throughout the years, albeit being very young, she did collect many pieces and she brought me into this colorful world. The archive was so unique and had the potential of creating magic in clothing.

I fell in love with the textiles, lost in time, with a strong soul, designed by Gianni Versace, Christian Dior, Leonard, Genny and I loved the way they were coming to a new, more fresh and modern life, in Caterina’s designs. 

It was such an amazing work! 

We were making something unique and unrepeatable.

We started to select the vintage textile pieces from Caterina’s archive we both felt more fitting for the project and was very funny when we had to come to an agreement when she had a very small piece of a last piece of textile and she would go: I cannot use the whole piece, I have to keep a bit for my archive, let’s make no more than a skirt! 

So I did feel throughout we were making something unique and unrepeatable.

Not only these textiles today are very difficult to find but they also gives us the opportunity to give them an alluring, special second life with a view on the Amalfi Coast. 

Caterina Gatta per The Pink Closet is a capsule collection where every piece is unique and not repeatable. We cannot wait to show our clients and all the fashionistas these amazing art pieces!

Thanks for reading!